To an untrained eye or a casual observer, there is no distinction between a security officer and a security guard—they both appear to perform the same tasks.

Since the purpose of both roles is similar, it’s easy to confuse the two positions—in both roles, keeping someone or something safe is the priority.

This confusion exists even at the state level. Though most states require the two roles to be differentiated, the terminology isn’t uniform. On top of that, the roles do not have a universal definition.

Even most licensing agencies do not make a distinction between security guards and security officers. Most of them use these two terms interchangeably.

However, apart from the similarity in priority, there are many differences between a security guard and a security officer. These differences range from the training requirements to expectations and scope of responsibility.

To explain further, we will look at what each of these roles entails. You can use firecoresecure service to make your property secure.


The Role of a Security Guard

You can view a security guard as the face of a building’s security operation. They are the person you will often see performing day-to-day security duties.

A security guard is posted at different checkpoints like gates, doors, or other areas that are considered to be vulnerable. They work under a security officer and will often stay at the location they have been assigned. Sometimes, however, the guard might patrol a specific area.

The guard follows a security management plan’s details and won’t be expected to exercise any independent judgment. Their responsibility is limited.

The hope is that a security guard’s presence will be more than enough to deter unwanted or criminal activity. If this fails, however, the guard is expected to report any suspicious activity they detect.

Due to the limited nature of the role, a security guard’s requirements are less stringent than those of a security officer. Though it helps, guards are not required to have high experience levels.

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