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The safe eject function was previously used to protect drives from data loss. But now it has degenerated into a nuisance. Microsoft has finally recognized this and now turns the function off by default.

Especially in the older generation of users, it is still a widespread custom to eject the USB drive before pulling it out in order to avoid data loss. Most, however, simply pull the device out of the USB port after transferring the data, according to the motto: No Risk, No Fun. Well, not exactly, because Windows isn’t as stupid as many people think.

“Safely Remove” is Out

Windows actually knows two different methods of dealing with USB – and Thunderbolt as well as Firewire, by the way. The operating system distinguishes between two so-called removal guidelines: quick removal and better performance. Up until now, the “better performance” mode was automatically set as the default. This means that the drive is ejected before removal. That changed with the October 2018 update (version 1809)  . The change has been required in the Windows world for a long time and corresponds to the user behavior that most people have already shown for a long time when dealing with USB devices.

Just peel it off or transfer it faster – your choice

Even if the standard setting has now changed, Windows continues to give the user the option of freely choosing between the two guidelines. Here is a brief summary of which of the two does what:

Quick Remove : This policy ensures that the USB device can be removed at any time. This eliminates the need to perform the safe eject process to prevent data loss. However, this policy no longer caches data, which can result in slower write speeds. With this policy, your data is completely safe even without safe removal. Nevertheless, you should not remove the USB stick in the middle of the data transfer.

Better performance : This policy enables faster data transfer by using a cache in which the data is temporarily stored. However, if this function is used, the USB device must be ejected before removal. This prevents the connection from being interrupted before all of the data has been transferred from the cache.

While the quick removal is of course very convenient and certainly makes sense as a standard setting, there are some users who would prefer better performance. Especially when USB devices such as external hard drives are used permanently as a storage medium, faster data transfer is often more important. TECHBOOK shows you how to set the Better Performance policy back as the default for a USB drive.

Here’s how to turn Safe Removal back on

The handy thing about the removal guidelines is that they can be set separately for each individual USB drive.

  1. In Explorer, find out the drive letter ofthe USB device for which the policy is to be changed.
  2. Right click on Startand select the Disk Managementoption .
  3. Look for the USB drive letterin the lower half of Disk Management.
  4. Right click on the volume labeland open the properties.
  5. Now go to the tab guidelinesand set Better performancedetermined.
  6. Restart the PC to save the setting.

And what about Apple?

Under MacOS there is no way to bypass the eject drive dialog. The operating system assigns a path to each external drive and, similar to Windows, stores data in the cache with the better performance policy. The cache is not cleared until the drive has been ejected by the user. Until then, the operating system is in constant communication with the external device, so removing it prematurely can result in data loss. Caching also speeds up the data transfer rate, so here the process works exactly as with Windows.


To explain further, we will look at what each of these roles entails. You can use firecoresecure service to make your property secure.

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